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Rats attack our food,they also spoil tons of food by contaminating it with their urine, facesor fur.They have been responsible for, or implicated the spread of up to 55 diseases to people and domestic animals.


Termites are the most important of the wood destroying, they are found around the world. These insect are common in soil, dead trees and wooden structures.

Termites are social insect living in colonies, it means there is a division of labor among the different types of individuals,called castes.


Cockroaches are among the most important pests of households and commercial establishments. Not only their mereprence a nuisance but also they are known to be capable of carrying many common disease pathogens as well as causing allergic reaction in many people. Cockroaches have changed little during the 350 million years since their present on Earth. They have been able to survive many changing environments over million of years.


Flies are one of the most important pest groups have affected hummans and human welfare for thousand of years because they are not only nuisance, but many are also important in diseases transmission


Mosquito pose a greater threat to man’s health and existence than any other pests. They are well known by most people because of there pesky biting habit.

They transmit many important diseases, such as malaria,yellow fever, dengue fever, some type of encephalitis and debilitate million of humans worldwide despite today’s medical advances.

Some of important species are Anopheles spp., Culex spp., Aedes Aegypti and Mansonia spp.


Ants are social insects that live in colonies which are usually located in the ground, but they may enter the building for shelter and food. As with many other insects, moisture is the key factor that determines the suitability of a potential harborage site.


Residential neighborhoods built and created primarily for the convenience of human life. Various types of pests take advantage of environmental conditions as a habitat and a place to find food so that its exsitence is a disturbance can even endanger human life.




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