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On IPM (Integrated Pest Management) Based Pest Management Program

IPM as the best program uses a variety of methods of pest management compatiblely. So it is expected that the damage caused by pests is not detrimental economically, while avoiding harm to humans, animals plants and the environment, but the population of these organisms can also remain below the level of demage. IPM programs in urban areas are highly dependent on the individual value systems or thresholds that are generally associated with aesthetic and economic considerations. IPM does not exclude pesticides but integrated them with other strategies to maintain pests at economically acceptable levels while minimizing negative ecological and social impact.


Is a foundation of IPM, the purpose of an inspection is to determine what type of pest is present, the location of active pest harborage and the environmet in which the infestation exist.


Solving a pest infestation depends on finding the active harborage,which depends on the identify of the pest as each species has its preferred breeding conditions and habits.


Customer education, participation in problem solving to establish a working partnership for a successful treatment (Pest Management Program)


Is a continuous inspection or evaluation to assess of ongoing pest management plan. In ETSA monitoring is the important step to support successful pest management.


IPM is a part of a continuum that leads to an environmentally responsible. This is the consequenses that chemicals should be used as a last resort only.


Is a continuous inspection or evaluation to assess of ongoing pest management plan. In ETSA monitoring is the important step to support successful pest management.

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Rats are nocturnal animals that able to multiply rapidly .Rats cause leptospirosis disease , salmonella , thypus and others besides mice can also reduce the image of the company and caused economic losses such as fire building.


Termites including malignant insect buildings . Termite damage the structure of the building by eating the cellulose of the building elements. Building or property is an invaluable investment to control termites become a very important action to be done before the termites ruin everything.


Residential neighborhoods built and created primarily for the convenience of human life. Various types of pests take advantage of environmental conditions as habitat and place to find food so that its existence is a disturbance can even endanger human life.


Midge, the mouth forms a long probosis to penetrate mammalian skin (or in some cases birds or reptiles and amphibians to suck blood. Female mosquitoes need protein for egg formation. the type of mosquito that can carry the dengue virus causes dengue fever


Female cockroaches can produce 10-40 eggs at a time. On average, the female releases 30 eggs in her life. Young cockroaches that hatch look the same as adult cockroaches, but are smaller and without wings. Depending on the type and configuration, cockroaches can live up to 12 months. These insects are cold-blooded animals and develop in warm and humid conditions. People prefer to stay in the kitchen and other food preparation areas so they can eat from food spills and have access to water.


Ant pests can be a particular nuisance when they get into your house. Ant species such as fire ants or black ants do not carry disease, but the problem is you do not know the pathway they forage outside and see them lined up in the food cupboard. If you find that there are small bumps on the ground and exterior walls these are the initial signs that can indicate their origin.

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