Occasional Invaders


Some cause extensive damage while others can bite and cause allergic reactions. Managing occasional invaders involves a holistic approach to the problem.

No one general management for all these pest, so ETSA’s will properly diagnose and treat each infestation in any situations with individually tailored treatment.

Millipedes, also commoly know as “thousand leggers” , normally live outdoors in damp places. They feed on damp and decaying vegetable matter, as well as on new roots and green leaves. Members of several millipedes group give off an ill smelling, repugnant fluid through opening along the sides of the body.



Centipedes Usually live outdoors in damp areas. Even though centipedes are predaceous and therefore beneficial, most peoples consider them a nuisance pest. Some species can inflict a painful bite and light swelling but it is not lethal.

Spiders are predators, paralyzing or killing their prey with venom. They typically feed by injecting apredigestive fluid into the body of their prey and them suck in the digested liquid food. Spiders can survive without food for several weeks to a view months.


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